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The.Artceram @Cersaie2023

New collections characterized by The.Artceram design will be presented at the the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings from the 25th to the 29th September 2023!

Hall 22 / Stand A104-B91

New collections by The.Artceram

The.Artceram design explores a much deeper decorative world in line with current trends, from ceramic elements to metal accessories, from storage units to freestanding structures. All of this to give the opportunity to design your bathroom with The.Artceram total look!


Brera, the beating heart of Milan

A refined collection of wall-hung and countertop washbasins.

Brera takes inspiration from traditional canons of déco design and from a classic idea of elegance and makes them contemporary. An element of distinction is the deliberate lack of slim rims in favour of a bold rim characterizing its overall aesthetics and generating an interesting undercut inside the bowl.


Lord, technological Belle Epoque

A decorative ceramic mirror, back-lit and technically innovative.

Lord evokes decorative side of ceramic through typical details of tableware handicraft during Belle Epoque. A traditional round shape with a slight wavy decor starting from the centre of the mirror and creating a unique play of light and shadow.


Church, a little work of architecture

A structure, a collage of pipes that outlines and gives character to the bottom space.

3 or 4 metal pipes iconically bringing to mind a church organ: hence the evocative name of this collection. Its towel rail becomes such an iconic element encircling and marking the union of pipes that support the washbasin.


Bold, a daring design

A collection of accessories intentionally marked, hence the name.

While bathroom accessories , like towel rails, are usually characterized by slim profiles, in Bold we found a new balance. An innovative balance between fresh aesthetics and bold profiles exalted by the selection of colours and finishes.

Collections and inspiration at the stand

The.Artceram iconic collections such as Jolie, Chic, Petite, Atelier, Vogue e Fuori Scala will be presented in new enhanced combinations thanks to The.Artceram novelties.

Useful information @Cersaie2023


To enter the fair and book your ticket, follow the instructions in this page. To know the names of exhibitors,
novelties and info on the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings surf the Exhibition website.


Let’s meet!

Do you have in mind to come to Cersaie Fair and discover The.Artceram world? Fill in the form in this page and
we will fix a meeting at the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings. Please come!


Surf the download area of our website and you will find our complete catalogue which is going to be updated by adding the 2024 novelties, a projects book by The.Artceram and the Lookbook dedicated to Jolie, Chic & Petite collections.

Who are we?

The.Artceram design is a perfect combination of curiosity, experimentation and innovations applied to the ceramics in the bathroom furnishings.

We push raw materials to the utmost limits to design and manufacture beautiful products with innovative features that defy time, convey messages and create the history of design in the bathroom field.

We like to stir emotions and create new experiences through icons that make ordinary things extraordinary.


…Value to product design…