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The.Artceram bathtubs

Relax and wellness meet innovation and design, that’s how The.Artceram new bathtubs are born.

The.Artceram bathtubs are designed to be harmoniously customized and matched with

varied sanitaryware and accessories by The.Artceram

The.Artceram bathtubs


Materials and finishes

We propose different solutions through colours, finishes and materials to allow professionals and privates to explore every single detail of design

The.Artceram offers multiple solutions on its products in terms of shapes,dimensions, colours and materials. Colours and matter essentiality help to fit out any kind of bathroom with sharp and characterizing ideas.

Flexibility, colours and frivolity in the choice of colours allow to freely design a customized bathroom, easy to create – and re-create – in endless variations.

Design factor

A fresh, ambitious design driven by a constant spirit of innovation

Our philosophy

Beauty and technological research, design and care for craftwork. These are the elements that characterize the.Artceram bathroom products.

Awards and prizes

From 2006, the strategic focus on design led to international awards for innovation, researchas well as fresh, smart ideas in our products.