livingtec freestanding bathtub PETITE 140×70 h 52 in size

Petite is a small elegant urban bathtub which can be installed in small romantic spaces where details are taken care of.
It’s a small freestanding but capacious bathtub designed to offer maximum comfort and relax even in small spaces. 140 x 70 x 50 cm
that ideally recall a tub, a past souvenir adopted when the water was considered a precious element… as it is now.
Artceram re-interprets that bathtub idea with the goal of r educing the use of water through a small element, small but elegant where the rim invites
the end-user to dip and relax without feeling guilty.


Size: 140x70 h 52

Tipology: Bathtubs


Finishing available



Additional information

From here you can download the technical sheet of the article – with 2D and 3D designs – bearing in mind that the dimensions indicated may have a variation of 0.6%.

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Here you can download the High Resolution photos

 HR images

Here you can download the 3D model. The model may slightly differ from the real model.

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