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“The spirit in the factory should be uplifted (…) respecting the beauty of the places so that this beauty may be a comfort during the daily work. The factory should be a friendly place so that any worker may find in an organized place a building tool”

(Adriano Olivetti)




Artceram believes that a modern-day company needs to have social responsibility towards the territory and communities.

One-way communication does not work any longer so the main goal of this company is to create direct and empathic relationships with anyone that gets into its world.

For this reason, The.Artceram Village represents a kind of contemporary humanistic and international patronage. A real “home” for those who identify themselves with the company values. In this perspective, through The.Artceram Village, the company promotes activities and cultural events – strictly interrelated with the branding.




A sign of wealth restoration – is a roomy and bright office similar to a greenhouse set in the garden.

Once a tyres shop, now it’s been changed into a functional and pleasant environment that lights up and shines as a jewel

when the night comes.



The 550 square meter showroom located inside an old Church built in 1577 by the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin is a fascinating place conceived by a curious and ingenious company mission that makes of the enhancement of territory and culture its key to success in exporting the “ Made in Italy” concept worldwide.



Dal total white al total black. Dopo il bianco abbagliante della chiesa, gli spazi espositivi dell’azienda raddoppiano con il nuovo bunker in nero assoluto.

Uno spazio emozionante di 500mq che si lega al precedente in un percorso suggestivo in grado di accogliere e raccontare prodotti e storie.


The.Olive Grove

Next to the plant, a hilly area of about 25 acres, 230 olive trees. An oil mill space has been created where an excellent made in The.Artceram oil is produced!


Recovery and ability to increase the value of the Italian territory

 It is a well-known fact that Italy is beautiful.

It is important to The.Artceram to save what men created in the past and then destroyed and we do that through intelligent initiatives and architectural interventions so that recovered spaces become theatres where new rites and activities are born and give life to unexpected creative energies.


And The.Artceram Village proves all these facts.

Reserch and Innovation

The.Artceram design comes from a perfect combination of curiosity, experimentation and innovation applied to the sanitaryware sector.

Our philosophy

Beauty and technological research, design and care for craftwork. These are the elements that characterize the.Artceram bathroom products.

Prizes and awards

From 2006, the strategic focus on design led to international awards for innovation, researchas well as fresh, smart ideas in our products.