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Materials and Finishes

We propose different solutions through colours, finishes and materials to allow professionals and privates to explore every single detail of design

The.Artceram offers multiple solutions on its products in terms of shapes,dimensions, colours and materials. Colours and matter essentiality help to fit out any kind of bathroom with sharp and characterizing ideas.

Flexibility, colours and frivolity in the choice of colours allow to freely design a customized bathroom, easy to create – and re-create – in endless variations.


Colours and matter essentiality help to fit out any kind of bathroom with sharp and characterizing ideas. Ceramic products can be selected in 2 types of finishes, glossy and matt.

Classic color

Black and white, glossy or matt finishes for bright, soft and silky at touch surfaces.

Matt color

Eight matt colours inspired to the shades of blue, green and brown.

Glossy color

Romantic and relaxing soft nuances in five different shades.

Marbles and Grits

materic finishes for Ceramic

Sensory feel and beauty of marble and stone in different colour shades, and the typical “Italian-style terrazzo” but redesigned through irriverent colour accents.

Finishing and Materials

for Top, Storages e Structures

Marbles Top

Veins and natural imperfections of precious marble tops available for Vogue 2.0. Flair 3.0 e Flair 4.0 structures.


Six color schemes on matt lacquered wood for our storage elements.


Chrome and lacquered matt, classic and contemporary, many variations to select for our structures.

Do you want to create a unique design by customizing every detail?
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The.Artceram collections combine washbasins, Wcs and bidets, bathtubs, shower trays, mirrors and accessories to give new personality to any space blending design, quality and functionality.


Get inspiration on our projects and give the traditional ceramic sanitaryware a great aesthetic impact… through that special “THE”!

Awards and prizes

From 2006, the strategic focus on design led to international awards for innovation, researchas well as fresh, smart ideas in our products.