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Meneghello Paolelli

A collecton of sanitaryware, both rimless wall-hung and back to wall with adjustable flush, that understands and meets people’s needs.



An aesthetic match of shapes

The classical lines of sanitaryware have been re-designed in contemporary key, with generous shapes and essential geometric line features, a formal aesthetic synthesis between straight and round lines, static and dynamic elements in order to satisfy people’s 5 senses.

A strongly balanced project characterized by its “squareoval” design features and by a slim wrapping seat which is striking for its uniqueness and at the same time is relaxing and confortable for the end-user. The sanitaryware is available both in wall-hung and back to wall versions!


Monet PLUS

Upgraded version of the back to wall items Monet Plus where dimensions have been revisited without impacting on balanced aesthetics, main feature of this collection! Extra size version for people demanding comfort in a spacious layout.

With Monet Plus, The.Artceram meet the market demands by offering wider and much comfortable products, better than the standard ones. Wc and bidet have been re-designed with a higher sitting and longer sitting space, an ergonomic solution for a major comfort but keeping in mind the special design factor and the technical features of the Monet rimless Wc with the adjustable flush.



Our tips to help you choosing the right style or design for any bathroom by matching our The.Artceram best collections.

Look ACS016 05
Cognac COLO05 17
Vogue 4.0 TFA010 91 + ACA068 56 + TFA013 56
Monet MNV001 17+ MNA001 17
Monet MNB001 17

Are you looking for that special The.?

From classical to contemporary style, The.Artceram collections meet any style demand!