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In the world of bathroom furnishings, the synergy between design and technology has become the mantra for redefining not just the user experience but also the design of next-generation sanitary ware.

Today, more than ever, we are witnessing an extraordinary evolution where design is not just about aesthetics, but also about functionality, comfort, and technological innovation.

The bathroom furnishings of the future: design and technology in perfect symbiosis

The bathroom furnishings of the future are no longer simply beautiful but transform into a platform for advanced user experiences and maximum “Smart” functionality, practicality, and sustainability.

Imagine entering a bathroom where every detail is designed to offer an impeccable experience of cleanliness, practicality, and hygiene. Here, we encounter three innovations from The.Artceram that embody this vision: The.Saniglaze, The.Reel, and the Hype Smart Toilet.

Let’s explore the features and results of this combination of The.Artceram design and technological innovation.

Produzione The.Artceram

The.Saniglaze: This antibacterial treatment for ceramics not only facilitates cleaning operations but also ensures superior hygiene, keeping the surface free from germs and bacteria.

The.Saniglaze produzione The.Artceram

It meets the needs of modern life, where hygiene has become a top priority, especially due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. This treatment, the result of The.Artceram’s R&D research, has the advantage of being invisible and thus applicable to colored products as well. Moreover, the special antibacterial glaze, certified ISO 22196, thanks to the enrichment with silver, titanium, and zinc ions, makes the surfaces even smoother and shinier.

The.Reel: A system that creates a water vortex inside the drain, ensuring deep cleaning with every use. This cutting-edge technology ensures the bathroom is always fresh and free of unpleasant odors, helping to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Read more about it here.


Hype: The Smart Toilet by The.Artceram. It is not just a futuristic prototype but a real luxury and comfort experience designed to meet the needs of specific markets where The.Artceram has been present for years.

Smart Toilet Hype

With a modern and minimalist design, Hype offers advanced features thanks to its electronic “heart,” the bidet module, controllable via remote control with various functions. Additionally, with the combined system of antibacterial protection and easy cleaning, Hype stands at the forefront of innovation in the bathroom furnishings sector.

These three solutions, in full The.Artceram style, are now mixed in various collections to offer solutions that guarantee maximum functionality, practicality, hygiene, and sustainability.

Discover in our new catalog how the integration of these new technologies and innovative materials have made The.Artceram collections even more iconic, unique, and distinctive!

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The bathroom furnishings of the future: design and technology in perfect symbiosis

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